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Birthdate:Jun 11

I drew this maze for a little girl who sat next to me on the plane to Austin, Texas in 2004. Mazes are no longer my favorite metaphor for life, but I still love this picture.

The things I talk about on my LJ:
* History, particularly German history, and the practice thereof
* Recovering from sexual assault
* The joys of social awkwardness
* Reconciling the political with the personal
* What it means to live your life as if it were a narrative
* Bad puns, academic stress, and the state of the universe

I have a lot of emotional baggage--sometimes you may think I'm oversharing. But this sort of sums up my opinions about that.

If you agree, let's please be friends.

[My icons are all based on Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, located on Great Salt Lake in Utah. Spirals are my favorite metaphor for life and for recovery. I often get frustrated because I feel like I'm always coming back to the same place, to the same situation, to the same self-destructive patterns, but actually the curves are a little gentler and you're a little farther out each time. You're always getting better.]

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