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I am almost done with Lord Elgin and the Marbles for my Orientalism paper. I read it in bed for about an hour, then took a nap, then ran around doing interviews for the Daily Gazette (I talked to Professor Kuharski for over an hour), then translated a riddle for Old English, then skimmed some articles on J-Stor about said riddle, then felt guilty for doing reading that I wasn't supposed to do, then had "social interaction time," which consisted in large part of reading articles on Wikipedia, then read my book for another hour.

The problem with taking reading-heavy classes is that the idea of reading a book for pleasure is mildly revolting. Pleasure means playing computer games, watching movies or TV, clicking around the Internet, hanging out with friends, hell, even having a good cry seems like a more fun idea at this point than reading a book.

This was not always the case. According to a list I kept on my computer, I read one hundred books for pleasure my junior year of high school. This seems preposterous considering that I was taking 5 AP classes at the time, but if you consider that I read for pleasure on my train ride to school (which got me free rides whenever the book was a tearjerker and the conductor felt sorry for me), that I read for pleasure before I went to bed, that I read during commercial breaks for TV shows, and that I spent most of my Friday and Saturday nights pleasure reading, I guess it makes some more sense. I've forgotten how little you actually had to read for those AP classes.

I'm fairly certain no pleasure reading will be happening over break, and all I can think is that I need to scrub out the Swarthmore.
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